BG-Golf Swing exerciser golf driving range


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PS: Please note that this product does not include pads. Just a practice net.

1. can be portable and easy to carry
2. glass fiber tube
3. practice net with high strength nylon
4. fixed nail ring buckle
5. target / strike button
6. professional strike pad

Cargo number : LXW002
Name : golf practice net
Cloth : 210D encrypt Oxford cloth
Net material : 170 gram / code polyester net
Support : 11mm fiberglass rod support
Color : green 2M net, black 2M net, green 3M net, black 3M net.
Applicable scenarios : venues, entertainment facilities, residential quarters, rooms, gardens, grasslands, balconies.
Specifications : 3 meters (width 300cm outside /240cm, net depth 180cm, height 200cm, weight 3kg/)
                             2 meters (width 200cm outside /180cm; net deep 100cm, height 140cm, weight 1.3kg/)

Installation steps:
1. preparation components
2. spliced skeleton tube
3. complete the skeleton of the splice
4. skeleton pipe penetration exercise network
5. bracing practice net
6. net angles penetrated into the skeleton tube
Stability of 7. inserts
8. hanging bull


2 meter, 2 meter, 3 meter, 3 meter


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